Absolutely! Have you ever come across the adage, "You only get one opportunity"? In the contemporary music industry, this adage holds truer than ever. In a world saturated with musicians, it's imperative that your music rises above the rest. When I take charge of the Mixing and Mastering for your song, I ensure you receive a product ready for radio play, capable of competing with the releases from major record labels. Given the dedication and energy you invest in your music, don't undermine your efforts by skipping this essential step in the recording process.

When submitting your track for mixing or mastering, kindly provide it in either 24 or 16-bit .WAV file format. Ensure that all compression, EQ, and limiting settings on the master fader are turned off. Please note that MP3 files do not meet the quality standards required for professional mastering, and attempting to convert them using iTunes will not alter this. To obtain a genuine 24-bit WAV file, it's essential to bounce or export directly from your mixing software. Once you are prepared, make your payment, and you will receive a link for uploading.

In today's age, it has become increasingly convenient to record, mix, and master your music right from your bedroom. Moreover, releasing your creations to the world has never been easier. Yet, given the growing number of artists in the field, it's crucial to set yourself apart from the crowd. Opting for professional mixing and mastering offers you three significant advantages:

Your songs will exhibit enhanced precision, volume, warmth, and the capability to compete with tracks by major artists that have undergone professional mixing and mastering.

Music is inherently a collaborative endeavor. Enlisting a skilled mixing and mastering engineer to work on your song can introduce fresh creative and sonic elements that you might not have envisioned. These changes could be the deciding factor for the success of your song.

The technical expertise required to deliver a professionally mastered track for distribution can take years to acquire and comprehend. Sometimes, it's more advantageous to entrust your song to someone well-versed in the intricacies, allowing you to focus your time and energy on the creative aspects.

Absolutely, we believe so! Crystalmix boasts over a decade of experience in mixing and mastering, collaborating with highly talented artists from the music industry across Africa. What further sets us apart is the assurance that your song is being professionally mixed and mastered in a dedicated studio environment, as opposed to a makeshift bedroom setup.


Songwriting services are at the heart of our expertise. Whether you're an Afrobeat, Dancehall artist, or an established songwriter seeking enhancement, our team of skilled songwriters is here to assist you.


  • Lyric Editing.
  • Assistance in Crafting Catchier Hooks.
  • Creating Original Music to Match Your Lyrics.
  • Harmonizing Your Vocal Melody with Music



Yes, We can! We can create your beat as a custom project.

Please check your spam folder as it’s probably in there. If not, please contact us using our WhatsApp link. Please include the order date and the email address you used to make the purchase. We’ll get back to you ASAP!

To complete your order, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Checkout page and enter your information.
  2. Utilize the upload button located at the bottom of the page to send the STEM files. Alternatively, you can send us the files via WeTransfer or a Google Drive link, directly to our email address, before finalizing your order.
  3. For any additional information you'd like to share about the files, click on the "Mixing Menu" and then select "Mixing Preferences."
  4. We will confirm both your payment and the receipt of your files, at which point we will commence work on your order.

All Payments are secured via Paystack. You can also pay by Bank Transfer.

Note: We will never see your credit card number or payment information. All we care about is your name and contact information.

Yes, we receive money through our payment channel but if you have any difficulty, kindly reach out to us on WhatsApp for other payment options.